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Browsing and Searching Tips:

Welcome! Below are some basic tips and security features on how to browse and search our catalog of Christian Accompaniment Soundtracks, Christian Karaoke CD-G, Gospel Trax and more.

  • The most popular and trusted brand names.

    Please enjoy our huge selection of name brand Christian backing track titles and the best self-service discount prices.

  • How titles are listed:

    Every Gospel Soundtracks title, Christian Accompaniment Tracks CD, karaoke or other format is listed by SONG TITLE FIRST. Then, by the artist who made the song popular followed by the category or style.

  • How to find accompaniment CD, Tape, Christian Karaoke and Split Tracks

    Christian Accompaniment CD titles and other formats are listed together.

    We do categorize Studio Accompaniment tracks, Accompaniment Audio DVDs, Christian Karaoke and other formats in their own listing category. We also list all formats under the accompaniment track style for your convenience.

    There is a common method of listing the titles which also denote the format.

    SONG TITLES are the FIRST part of the listing.

    Examples below:

    I Can Only Imagine - Christian Accompaniment Tracks CD (By: Mercy Me) Contemporary

    The above is a CD title.

    All CD titles have the indicator "CD" following the title.

    Cassette tape titles are also indicated if they are tape format instead of CD.

    All others such as Christian Split Tracks or CD-G Christian Karaoke are so indicated in their own categories.

    Love Songs Vol #1 (Karaoke CD-G) Wedding

    The above is a Karaoke CD/G title in the wedding category.

  • Audio Samples are available on CD and can be found in the Audio Samples category. Christian Soundtracks are liscensed for live performance and not for broadcast. Legally we cannot broadcast Christian Tracks in whole or part over the Internet. We know some do - but we desire to do what is right and follow the desires of the Christian manufacturers.

    We can and do offer the best prices to our customers who know what they are looking for.

  • Christian Track Title Details can be found by clicking on the title name. The Christian Accompaniment brand such as Daywind or Praise Hymn and other details are available on the title's individual page.

  • Keep track of your selections by clicking the "shopping cart" icon at the top right of each page.

  • When you are finished selecting your Gospel Soundtracks and Christian backing track titles, click "Checkout" at the top of any page.

    Be Sure that you check your Basket Contents to check your titles and how many copies are selected. You need to make any necessary changes before you finalize your order.

    Because we do not keep your credit card information, once an order is finalized, it cannot be changed.

    Security is of the utmost concern to us. Because we do not keep and store your credit card information on our system or offices, you can be assured that you will never have a worry that your card account will be compromised when you shop with us.

    Again - You NEVER have to worry about any kind of security problem or identity theft using our system.

    Upon ordering, your card information is entered directly into the card processor utilizing the highest standard of secure encryption and never passes through our domain server.

    You should enter your card information each time you place an order.

    This means the greatest security for you. We choose this most secure method over the unnecessary convenience of storing your credit card information in a database somewhere that is not in your control.

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