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Country Gospel Soundtracks Music Tracks

Country Gospel Accompaniment Tracks - Christian Bluegrass & Country Karaoke

Country Gospel Music backing tracks from offers a wide selection of Country songs, Country Karaoke and traditional Classic Country Music. Your favorite traditional Country accompaniment music to Country love songs for weddings to the latest Gospel Soundtracks and Country music hits can be found here.

Church Music favorites in Bluegrass Gospel Music and Country Gospel Music are a specialty. You'll find a wide selection of Christian accompaniment tracks that will fit your particular taste and Country Music and Bluegrass.

Of course we have traditional Country Gospel Music favorites such as "Wayfaring Stranger", but also Country Music hits and love songs by your favorite Country Music stars. Anyone can sound like a star with Christian accompaniment tracks and Country Gospel backing tracks from

Country Gospel Soundtracks Music Accompaniment Tracks cover many Country Music styles from today's sound to the Classic Country Music sound. There are crossover styles that range from the traditional roots of Southern Gospel Music to Classic Country and Western to rural folk music styles.

  • How Country Gospel Soundtracks Music Tracks work -

    These Accompaniment Music Tracks are simply audio CDs you can play on and standard CD player. They generally contain one particular song in the style of the music artist that made the song popular. However, there are several versions of the song on separate tracks. In general, there is a full version of the song with vocals. Then, there is another track with the vocals removed.

    In the studio versions there can usually be found several versions in different keys to match your singing voice range. There can be a low, medium and high key for male and female singers.

    In some cases of a song with backing vocals, there can be accompaniment tracks in different keys with and without the backing vocals. This is great for vocal groups who wish to sing all the part. A solo singer can use the version with the backing vocals included for the full sound.

    The exception of not having multiple keys is Country Gospel Soundtracks that are the original artist album track recording. This is the actual recorded track from the original artist's album. There is a single mix of the original album track recording with the lead vocal of the artist removed. This accompaniment track is naturally in only one key. so that accompaniment soundtrack title usually has only a copy of the original artist's track to learn from and then a mix of the song track minus the lead vocal.

    Country Gospel Music Accompaniment Tracks offered on a studio CD is recorded in the same arrangement as the original made popular by the artist. To be able to be in different keys, it is necessary to record the song again as many times and as in many keys as is offered. There are some inferior brands of Gospel Soundtracks that record only once and then change the pitch to achieve different keys. But this results in poor quality. Brands such as Daywind Soundtracks actually record the accompaniment tracks versions of songs in performances to the keys offered, resulting in great quality.

    Country Gospel Karaoke is different from studio CDs in that they are in the Karaoke CD-G format. This special format is played in a Karaoke player. This allows a video screen to show the lyrics and images as the song goes along. This is a great way to have fun at informal gatherings. They can also be used by professional solo singers. The name brand Country Gospel Karaoke discs we offer from Daywind are made to be capable to be played in standard CD players. These of course play without the video lyrics and images. However, it allows a greater ability to work in more performance situations.

    Our Country Gospel Accompaniment Tracks category as well as our Country Gospel Karaoke discs category is just one of the specialty categories of Christian Accompaniment Tracks and Christian Soundtracks we offer. Please take a look at all the accompaniment music tracks we offer.

    And remember - we are always the low price leader in accompaniment music tracks.

    Happy Singing !

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