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Southern Gospel Accompaniment Tracks

Using Christian Accompaniment Tracks
and Gospel Soundtracks for the
Southern Gospel Music Singer:

Southern Gospel Music is an important and popular form of Gospel Music. Not only is it joyous in sound and highly motivational in Spirit, it's roots are deep in American Music History. We are pleased to offer a very large selection of Southern Gospel on accompaniment music track form.

  • All About Southern Gospel Music Tracks

    Southern Gospel Accompaniment Tracks are known by many terms. Sometimes they are known as Southern Gospel trax or Southern Gospel Music traxx. In the Gospel Music circles, church ministry service and Gospel Music Ministries, Southern Gospel Accompaniment Tracks are known as Christian soundtracks or Gospel soundtracks. In Europe and other parts of the world they are often called Christian Backing Tracks and Southern Gospel Backing Tracks.

    Many users of Southern Gospel Music accompaniment tracks in a worship service setting call them Christian Music Tracks or Gospel Music Tracks. Whatever you call them, Southern Gospel Music accompaniment tracks are one in the same.

    Southern Gospel Karaoke is a different format of Southern Gospel Music tracks. Karaoke refers to a special playback disk known as CD/G and plays on special karaoke music players. Southern Gospel Karaoke discs allow a video monitor to show the song lyrics and other images along with the Gospel Music audio track.

    Some manufacturers such as Daywind Music offer Southern Gospel soundtracks on DVD audio discs and karaoke music discs.

    These brands of Southern Gospel karaoke can be played on standard CD players as well as karaoke players. DVD audio is a special format that is gaining in popularity due to its superior quality. Southern Gospel Music can be found in our online catalog in the DVD audio format.

    Southern Gospel Accompaniment Soundtracks, Southern Gospel Accompaniment CDs and Southern Gospel Soundtracks are essentially the same effect as karaoke just as karaoke is similar to Christian and Southern Gospel tracks. They are all used for accompaniment music singing.

    Southern Gospel Accompaniment Tracks, Gospel Soundtracks as well as other styles of Christian Accompaniment CDs are in the format of a standard music CD where multiple mixes of a particular Southern Gospel song are on each CD. This gives a variety of choices for the Southern Gospel singer or vocal group as well as different music keys for many singing ranges, male or female.

    Southern Gospel Music Accompaniment Tracks are more than just a popular Southern Gospel song with the lead vocal removed. On the most part, Southern Gospel Music accompaniment tracks provide more than one mix of a song on each CD title. These Accompaniment Music CDs are very flexible for use in many singing situations. The same Southern Gospel Music CD title can be used for either a solo singer or a vocal group simply by selecting the appropriate song track on the music CD.

    Southern Gospel Accompaniment Tracks can be used in a worship service with congregational singing, for a traveling music and ministry, fun at home and even playing in your car music CD player to make long trips more fun.

    While Christian Accompaniment Tracks come in a variety of styles, Southern Gospel Accompaniment Tracks are available in the many styles under the Southern Gospel Music style. Southern Gospel has its roots in harmony vocals, but the instrumentation now entertains and ministers in the traditional Southern Gospel Vocal Group style, a more Contemporary Southern Gospel Music style, classic Country Gospel Music style, Bluegrass Gospel Style and many other forms. These can all be found can be found at on name brand, quality Christian Accompaniment CDs and Gospel Accompaniment Music CDs.

  • Using Split Tracks for Southern Gospel Music:

    Southern Gospel Music Split Tracks are a special accompaniment Gospel Music studio audio mix of a popular Southern Gospel song where the musical instruments are completely panned (moved) over to one stereo speaker while the vocal singing parts are moved (panned) over to the opposite stereo speaker. The Southern Gospel split track can then be heard in the same way as a regular album recording or for use in accompaniment Southern Gospel singing for the Gospel soloist or Southern Gospel vocal group.

    Southern Gospel split track CDs can also contain complete album projects by popular artists such as the Goodmans or multiple song collections on a single CD disc. Southern Gospel Split Tracks are cost effective and provide a lot of music for your money spent.

    The technique for using Southern Gospel split track CDs is easy - The left and right volume for each sound system speaker can be raised or lowered easily to allow the pre-recorded vocals to enhance the live solo or Gospel group singing. With youth and children, this can be very helpful indeed. When singing Southern Gospel Music as a group or choir, it is common for people to follow the pitch of the singing group as a whole. Southern Gospel Split Tracks also helps learning the lyrics of a Southern Gospel song.

    For a standard stereo music player, find the balance control which is set in the center so the left and right stereo speakers play the audio output at the same level. Upon playing a Southern Gospel split track from a CD player you will notice one speaker side has all the musical instruments while the other speaker side has all the song vocals. This is what it means to have a music mix as a split track. The great advantage of Southern Gospel split tracks is when you turn the balance control knob either right or left and you can make a custom music mix where either the instruments or the vocals can be made louder or softer in reference to each other.

    In a Southern Gospel music rehearsal situation, the balance control can stay in the center or be moved toward the vocal side so that learning the song will become much easier. For the live Southern Gospel singing performance, the balance control can be turned toward the instruments side to take away the recorded vocals altogether.

    For using Southern Gospel Music split track CDs in a children's church situation and youth music ministry, a small amount of the original recorded vocals can be allowed to come through the speakers or stage monitors which will enhance the live performance. The children's and youth Gospel music director can slowly lessen the amount of the recorded vocals as the Southern Gospel song is learned. This also works just as well for adults!

    Using Southern Gospel Music split tracks, the speaker with only the vocals can also be positioned toward the solo gospel singer or vocal group while the speaker with the instruments can be positioned toward the audience or church congregation. This creates a vocal monitor for the live Southern Gospel singers to use as a reference to the Gospel song. This technique works very well for children and youth Gospel Music programs.

    Southern Gospel Music and Christian Accompaniment split tracks for adults and children work very well in these livesituations. These Southern Gospel backing tracks known as Christian Music split tracks make learning new Southern Gospel songs and help make a successful church music ministry much easier for the Gospel Music director. Split tracks make singing more fun for everyone involved.

    The other use of Southern Gospel Accompaniment Music split tracks is if your church sound system has an audio mixing board in the auditorium and sanctuary. A mixing console, mixer or audio board has individual input channels to connect microphones, instruments and other audio sources. Each channel of the sound mixer can be individually raised and lowered to mix the sound to be balanced to the ear. These individual channels are then controlled by a master left and right volume control.

    Also, many mixing boards have stereo control channels with standard audio connectors (such as "RCA" inputs found on common stereo equipment). A "balance control" knob that works as a "pan control" knob allows controlling the audio level of the left or right output of the stereo channels.

    Insert the left and right output of a CD player into individual mixer board channels. For simplicity, let's say channel 1 is left line while channel 2 is for the right line. On a mixing board that outputs a stereo signal, on each mixing board channel you will find a knob that is labeled "pan". This pan control is usually set in the center and moves left to right. This moves the sound in that channel to be more to the left speaker or more in the right speaker.

    Move the pan control for channel 1 and rotate it completely to the left. Take the pan control for channel 2 and move it completely to the right. Set both Channel one and Channel 2 slider volume controls (known as the "faders") to equal levels. You will now hear a standard stereo playback.

    In order to have the music instruments play equally on the left and right speakers without the recorded vocals for Southern Gospel Accompaniment tracks singing, move that pan control back to the center. Move the recorded Southern Gospel vocal part (the slider volume control) down to zero. You should now have only the instruments playing back through both speakers of your church sound system.

    If your mixing board at church or fellowship hall has a vocal monitor output connected to the sound system, you have another option. Send some of the recorded vocal track side into the monitor speakers for the Gospel vocalist and Southern Gospel singers to use as a reference.

    Southern Gospel accompaniment tracks in split track format offer many advantages for your church Southern Gospel Music ministry, children's church and youth Gospel Music ministry work. Southern Gospel accompaniment tracks in the Christian split track format can be of great assistance and enhancement to a church worship service and music ministry. For the adult congregation, Southern Gospel Choir, children's church, youth ministry, Southern Gospel Singing group, children's ministry and any church Gospel music program, Southern Gospel split tracks will enhance the worship and fun for everyone.

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