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    What quality of Gospel Accompaniment Track does GospelSoundtracks.com provide ?

    We always provide the best quality, name brand accompaniment tracks from Daywind, Mastertrax, Soulful Sounds, Springhill Tracks, Praise Hymn, Original Artist studio tracks and many other trusted brand name manufacturers of Gospel Soundtrack and Christian Music Tracks.

  • ONLY Real Manufactured Product
    from trusted name brands

  • Full studio audio quality

  • NEVER inferior "ripped" compressed MP3 files

  • NEVER inferior "burned" CD discs from a bar machine

  • We ALWAYS provide genuine products direct from the manufacturers

  • You ALWAYS pay less for better quality with us

    There is a recurring, sad story we hear from new customers on a regular basis. They describe to us how they fell for the lure of implied convenience and instant gratification of downloads that ultimately become much more troublesome in reality and application. Some tried burned discs from a machine in a local store which worked at home and maybe in their car CD player but were ultimately forced to endure embarrasement in their worship service because the bar disc did not play. And above all this trouble, paying more for these inferior downloads and burned discs compared to receiving real, genuine, studio quality music from GospelSoundtracks.com

    Our Mission is to provide the best genuine quality - ALWAYS !

    The blessed assurance that you can trust our delivery of genuine, name brand, manufactured music products from the real music labels. The quality of trust that matches your talent for singing the Gospel. As well as paying less for the best.

    The many Church Ministries, Christian Musicians and Gospel Singers who rely on our service can always trust and know the accompaniment tracks received from us are always real manufactured physical product of the highest quality.

    We made the decision early on to never offer inferior products. Never to offer questionable downloads or inferior burned discs from a "bar" machine. We stay the course for reliable quality and resist the trends that come and go.

    Where are you located?

    Music City USA !

    The Accompaniment Tracks manufacturers are our neighbors
    and we visit them physically several times a week.

    We are located in the greater Nashville area, Music City USA where most all soundtracks are produced.

    We have a good working relationship with the record lables and distributors. So that is why we can provide the latest releases even before local stores become aware of new items.

    How secure is GospelSoundtracks.com ?

    How does the order process work?

    The Gospel Soundtracks Store at GospelSoundtracks.com is a specialty store from American Family Mall.

    Our store is designed, maintained and monitored by in-house technology professionals. Our primary owners are a computer scientist and an electronics engineer. We always utilize the best secured e-commerce system.

    Over the years, we have continually updated our systems to the latest, most secure and reliable methods of online shopping, privacy and security measures. We will never compromise reliability for implied convenience. You may need to make an extra click or two in order to make a purchase, but you will always be able to rest in the knowledge that your security comes first with us.

    We have NEVER had a compromise of security because we have designed and maintain our technology with the privacy and security of our customers first and foremost.

    Please enter the main catalog and store at American Family Mall and use the links for more details.

    NOTE: Immediately apon making an order, when the transaction is completed you will see a page confirming your order with your ORDER NUMBER. Write the order number down. Your order number is how we track orders. Any inquiries you may need to make need to reference the order number.

    Next, you will receive an invoice to the email address you provided. This email invoice will contain the order number also. It is important that when you email to inquire about your order, that you include your order number in your email and it is best to put it in the subject line of your message. We can then act quickly to satisfy your inquiry.

    Please understand that we get many orders each day and the order number is the unique way for us to track your order.

    All tracks are listed alphabetical by song title under style categories. However, Music Search can be used to find a particular artist.

    Making an order:

    We use the most popular and secure method of online shopping. Simply click on the appropriate buttons to place items in your 'shopping cart' and when you are finished, click 'checkout' at the top right of your screen. You do not have to set up an account with us to purchase, just follow the instructions on your screen and join our many, many loyal customers who save time and money and enjoy using these quality, trusted brands of accompaniment music in church, home, on tour and many other places and gatherings.

  • What we enjoy the most is that our service ultimately helps bring joy into many people's lives.

    Enter keywords in the box for what you are looking for.

    For example, enter Gaither and it will generate a list of everything by Gaither including Bill Gaither, Gaither Vocal Band, etc.

    If you do not find an exact title or artist name, try entering a partial title or the last name of the artist or group.

    If you are looking for ORIGINAL studio tracks, enter 'original' for the keyword. This will generate a list of all titles that reference an original track recording.

    If you do not find the title you are looking for in our online catalog then it is not available. Everything available is listed in our catalog. We do not have sources for titles that no longer or never have existed.

    Not every song becomes a soundtrack. There are many legal hoops the record lables have to jump through in order to make a title available.

    If you do find a title you are interested in, especially if it is an older title, it would be wise to go ahead and order it now because titles do come in and out of print very quickly. On the rare occasion, we can run out of stock of a listed title and some lables are slow to reprint or decide not to reprint them after they go out of stock.

    Just what is a Gospel Soundtrack?

    Our mission at The Gospel Soundtrack Store is to specialize in accompaniment tapes and CDs. Where local stores or other mail order services offer soundtracks (trax) as an afterthought, this is what we specialize in.

  • EVERYTHING we stock is for accompaniment purposes.

    How Christian Accompaniment Tracks and Gospel Soundtracks Work -

    The Basics:

    Accompaniment tracks (also known as TRAX, Singing Tracks, Backing Tracks, Gospel Traxx, Gospel Soundtracks, Christian Accompaniment Tracks and other terms) Are a way singers can have professional backup music for performances in church, school, concert tours, vocal demonstrations, auditions, weddings or just for fun at home. Having background music available on tape or CD is very convenient in situations where live accompaniment just isn't feasable or available.

    The soundtracks we offer are from trusted name brand record lables. But where your local store cannot carry all available titles and usually stock just one or two brands, we specialize in soundtracks and strive to carry only the best quality soundtracks available and at discount prices.

    How Music Accompaniment Tracks Work:

    Generally, a soundtrack is listed by song title and the style in which an artist made it popular. It will have several versions on the tape or CD. A demonstration vocal and at least one track with the music minus the main vocal. Usually, it will include the original key and another track in a lower or higher key to accomodate singers who sing in different ranges. It can also have more tracks without the backup vocals so it can be performed with live backup singers. In the case of the Praise Hymn lable, a title is in high, middle and low keys along with a demonstration lead vocal.

    When you click on the title or our item number, you will see a page with information about that title. Towards the bottom of the page you will see whatever information we have on that title pertaining to its key and if it is an original album recording.

    In the case of an original track, the original record lable (such as Sparrow and Word) will have the original album track along with the original album recording instrument mix minus the artist's vocal. These types usually have just one accompaniment track in the original key.

    Lables such as Daywind, strive to create the arrangement as true to the original as possible and the demonstration track may not be the original vocalist, but is as close as possible to the original artist. Besides, the demo vocal track is just for reference and learning purposes. If the original album track was used as the demonstration track, the royalties that would need to be paid to the artists and original record lable would cause the tape or CD title to cost much more. This is why original album recordings cost much more but does not necessarily mean there is better quality.

    Most of our customers are already familiar with and use a certain brand of soundtrack such as Daywind or Praise Hymn.

    The artist name provided with the title denotes the arrangement as made popular by that artist and is provided by the manufacturer.
    We strive to carry all that are available but only those brands that are popular and have a good track record for quality.

    How long does it take for my order to be shipped ?

    Part of our success is in our logistics - the method in which we handle your orders.

    Shipping details and all methods at your choice can be found on our SHIPPING INFO page.

    What is the return policy?

    We follow the music industry policies for purchasing music. We also strive to make sure you will easily understand what you are ordering.

    We strive for the highest quality in service and pricing.

    If you ever receive a defective tape or CD, please let us know by first emailing us and we will replace it and ship to you at our expense. The record lables do the best job they can to produce the highest quality product and we make sure we ship all items in new condition because they are new from the factory.

    CD discs and "tapes" are containers of intellectual property. Following music industry standards, music cannot be returned for any other reason other than defects for replacement. This is the industry standard policy for recorded music.

    If you feel there may be a possibility your order may be lost or your location where you are to receive your shipment is not completely secure, please contact us.

    Please understand that when we hand over your order to the shipper such as the USPS, it is out of our hands and the responsibility of the carrier to deliver.

    Click here for detailed pricing and information.

  • The majority of our customers are already familliar with the quality of the major lables and brands we carry and enjoy that we offer the largest selection, best prices and the good service we strive for.

    Accompaniment Soundtracks normally come to us from the record lables without plastic shrink wrap. Some of the original studio tracks may have shrink wrap. We ship the product as it come to us from the manufacturers and record labels.

    What are the shipping methods?

    One aspect of our service is to offer reasonable shipping and handling fees.

    We do not apply "free shipping", coupon trickery or price manipulation.

    Our goal is EVERY DAY LOW PRICES


    Many mailorder and Internet shops price down competitively, but then rake back that small savings with higher shipping and handling fees where the more is ordered, the greater the fees. We simplify ordering by offering reasonable shipping and handling methods and the best prices for accompaniment tracks.

    We invite comparison shopping from you ! Because we know we will win your business because of our best prices, service, best shipping methods and best selection of genuine, real manufacturer quality.

    International Shipping outside the USA -

    We ship many international orders every day. We have many regular customers all over the world.

    Since 2001 - all international shipping with the postal services are done by air. Surface shipping for small packages are no longer provided by surface only.

    Please understand that once your order enters your nation, your country's customs import inspections can delay the shipment according to your nation's policies.

    Some countries consider Christian materials and Gospel Music as illegal contraband and will confiscate it. Please consult your nation's policies before ordering. We cannot be responsible for the Gospel Music shipped to you to be confiscated as contraband materials.

    For new international customers, we ask you to limit your order to 5 titles per order for shipping outside the USA please due to weight and size restrictions.

    All initial international orders over 5 titles (more than 5 total CDs and/or tapes) cannot be shipped and will be refunded.

    Please contact us as we establish special circumstances with regular international customers, foreign missionaries and ministries and certain nations.

    CLICK HERE for details on International Shipping

    Can I order a large quantity outside the USA?

    For new, unestablished customers we can only accept up to 5 titles per order. Please contact us directly with your needs beyond this.

    Many American missionaries abroad order from us to be initially delivered to a shipping consolidator in order to expedite and save on shipping.

    Due to the world concerns of these days, international shipments have been severly delayed to certain nations and there have been too many problems with shipments of large quantities for that reason. To insure the greatest success in reaching you, please choose to limit your order to 5 titles only.

    We also easily catch fraudulent orders and successfully turn them over to the authorities in the nations where they originate. This especially includes nations such as Nigeria, Indonesia and others notorious for fraud. Your exact location cannot be hidden from our system or fooled by web based email accounts such as hotmail.

    Also, please do not ask us to mislead the customs inspectors of your country about the actual total of your shipment in order to deceive duty inspectors to cheat your way out of having to pay import fees in your country.

    Are online payments safe at GospelSoundtracks.com ?

    Absolutely the best in security and privacy.

    We utilize TSE Networks' Ecommerce solutions that uses the most secure and trusted methods for security, privacy and accuracy. You probably utilize the same systems in your daily life online and offline and do not realize it.

    We do not store your credit card information online.

    We have discontinued the old 20th century merchant accounts and now exclusively use Paypal secure solutions.

    You DO NOT need a Paypal account to purchase from us securely. We use Paypal as our processor.

    We have NEVER had a breech of security in the history of our business.

    We continually update and advance our payment methods to continue to be able to claim a 100% security record.

    Once the transaction is authorized and the secure connection is not utilized, it's gone. No need to keep that private information any longer.

    Click here for more about online payments

    Your privacy and security is of prime concern to us.

    Purchasing and even doing banking has become very commonplace on the Internet because of its proven security. It is much more secure and private than using your card in the mall or other retail store.

    Can I pay by check or money order?

    Absolutely. We have a form you can print out and send in with your check or money order and we will process it as soon as it arrives.

    Click here for the mail-in order form.

    Can I pay with a debit card?

    If your debit card is a Visa or Mastercard checking card or similar type of debit card, you should have no problem going through the normal ordering process.

    Is there a phone number I can call about my order?

    Short answer - yes ... However:

    The main reason we can offer the prices and service we do is due to our logical approach to achieve this.

    We are a mail-order based service. For your convenience our entire stock catalog database is online at the web site for you to browse and search through.

    Our main efforts are put into keeping up with new releases and titles that go out of print, keeping track of orders, making sure they are packed properly, double checking orders for accuracy, delivering orders to the shippers, and the many other administrative tasks.

    We do have a customer service voice email number. At every point of your order, you will receive email notices from the point of ordering to the time your order is shipped. It would be nice to hear personally from our customers and chat but it would cause unfortunate inefficiencies in our effectiveness for service and prices. If you are a vendor or have need to contact us for administrative purposes or a customer wishing to utilize our voice email system about an order, please connect with our contact page which is available to you 24 hours a day - every day.

    Of course we want to hear your comments and questions. Please understand that this number is a general office number and will be heard by our management. We do not accept direct voice telephone orders because your card security is a main priority.

    We have a mail-in form if you do not want to use a card for ordering. Product information is available online. Shipping status is available by emailing our Customer Service address.

    Can I use these accompaniment tracks on CD to record an album for sale?

    When your purchase a soundtrack, you are also granted the rights to perform live using the original copy.

    Just purchasing an accompaniment Gospel soundtrack does not cover reproduction rights or recording rights usage especially for sale.

    However, there are methods for you to retain the rights for recording. We would be happy to assist you in order to use accompaniment tracks to record an album. Please contact us.

    When a song is used for recording a work for sale, royalties are due to the publisher, writer and record lable.

    If you desire to record an album using these tracks, please contact us in order to legally use these tracks for recording purposes.

    Recording and reproducing soundtracks even for demonstration purposes is considered theft by law. There are methods to record with these soundtracks via small use fees which we can assist you with and save much time and expense because of our relationships with the labels.

    Do you have audio clips of Gospel Soundtracks and Christian Accompaniment Tracks on the GospelSoundtracks.com website?

    Soundtracks are liscensed for live performance and not for broadcast. Web streaming is a form of broadcast. The record lables have asked us not to use audio of their accompaniment tracks via their legal departments. They have paid for the rights to record and provide this music in accompaniment soundtrack form and are not allowed to broadcast them in any way. These Christian Accompaniment soundtracks cannot be legally broadcast at all, so we are restrained from doing so on the website.

    You can order double sample CDs containing hundreds of Gospel accompaniment Soundtrack clips with full fidelity to sample at your leisure.

    Can I have a printed catalog mailed to me?

    We do not offer a printed accompaniment tracks catalog for a very good reason.

    Because of the large number of Christian Accompaniment Tracks and Gospel Soundtracks titles that are added and go out of print nearly every day, a printed catalog would become obsolete immediately after printing and have proven to be very frustrating to customers.

    Our entire accompaniment tracks catalog of available Gospel and Christian song titles are online 24 hours a day. It would be virtually impossible to keep up to date printed catalogs. Plus, it is much more convenient to find titles and immediately find the newest titles via the web site using our accompaniment tracks search tool.

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